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Surprise Oopsie Pack

Surprise Oopsie Pack

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This pack is your chance to make sure imperfect or slightly flawed cards and stickers don’t end up in the trash but bring joy and magic to a new home! 

Imperfect means: Cards and stickers that have slight marks, little nicks or small marks, may be printed too dark, are dented on the corners or have slightly shifted colors from printing.

All products are usable and have only barely noticeable flaws and they need love too!

Each pack includes a random selection of:

  • 5 cards + a sticker (all stickers are weather resistant/waterproof and dishwasher safe)
  • Size A2 Card 4.25" × 5.5"
  • White envelopes included
  • Logo on the back of card
  • Each pack is packaged in a kraft/white or floral envelope.
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