Welcome! Sixtyeightcolors is home to cute, happy & playful illustrated greeting cards, stationery and gifts that fill you with tender love and positivity.

I have always loved both making and receiving handmade gifts growing up, especially cards. My art celebrates small and big milestones with recurring, cute imaginative characters often inspired by nature & playful moments in life.

Growing up in different countries has enabled me to bring my cultural background into my art, including my Taiwanese heritage and East Asian culture. I take inspiration from my love for animals, food, and the importance of a positive mindset to bring uplifting and joyful art to you.

I hope my art makes you smile, reminds you of the importance of self-care and connects you to your loved ones.

Why "Sixtyeightcolors"

"68" is a number that relates to my first home in Canada and has a special place in my heart and are also considered lucky numbers in Taiwanese culture. “Colors” bring art to life with different shades and depths of light and shadow found in different art forms. This somewhat whimsical name connects my journey of arts I have learned from my early experiences to now, reflecting all the variety of art I love within my brand’s name. 

Everything is illustrated, designed, and packed by me, using only high quality paper and materials from my home in sunny Irvine, California, which I hope to one day expand into a studio. Thank you for being here and for your support in my small business. I truly appreciate it.