Sixtyeightcolors is home to cute and fun illustrated greeting cards and paper gifts, connecting loved ones with heartfelt messages.

I hand design, pack and ship each order with the greatest care, using only high quality paper and materials from my little home studio in Irvine, California. Everything is made in the USA.

My Art

I express love and heartfelt sentiments through the use of colorful tones and cute recurring, imaginative characters from nature and my own daily life. I have always loved both making and receiving handmade gifts growing up, especially drawing hand illustrated cards for loved ones. I find that greeting cards help convey our most heartfelt sentiments and wish to encourage people to spread moments of joy and love along with a small piece of their heart with paper gifts.

Having lived in different countries growing up, my experiences have enabled me to bring a unique cultural background into my art. I take inspiration from animals and food, my love of travel, and family background from Taiwan, to bring in fun and joyful elements in hopes of sparking nostalgic and happy memories that I hope connects you to those who are most special to you.


Characters on the cards have their own names and stories. You can find out who the character is by the names at the bottom of the card. Golden Bear loves honey, Vala Koala (the logo koala) loves leaves and they are meant to “bee." Look out for other Family Members with their own cards. Can you spot them from the collection? 

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Why "Sixtyeightcolors"?

“Sixtyeight” has been a number that relates to my first home in Canada and has a special place in my heart. Coincidentally, six and eight are also considered lucky numbers in Taiwanese culture.

“Colors” bring art into life by encompassing different shades, tones, and the depths in light and shadow that are seen in different forms of art. This ties in with all the variety of art I love into the name, Sixtyeightcolors.

Fun Facts

  • I speak English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Japanese 
  • I practice Chanoyu, Japanese Tea Ceremony (Urasenke School)
  • Watermelon is my favorite fruit