Vala, Golden, and the Family Members

Characters on cards have their own names and stories. You can find out who the characters are by the names at the bottom of the cards. Golden Bear loves honey, Vala Koala (the logo koala) loves leaves and they are meant to “bee." Can you spot other Family Members on their own cards?

Vala Koala

Cutie Vala loves to sleep and nibble on tasty leaves chosen by her love, Golden Bear. Often spotted taking a long nap wrapped in a leafy blanket, Vala is the sleepiest family member of all.

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Golden Bear

Golden’s two favorite things are honey and his love, Vala Koala. Golden may be a small bear but he has a big heart and loves to share his honey. Golden can often be found collecting the tastiest leaves for Vala.

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Mocha Bear

Mocha may seem serious and absent minded but Mocha unexpectedly has a silly playful nature and a caring heart. Mocha can often be found leaving little surprises in hidden places for other family members to find.

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Cloud Bear aka Cloudie

Cloud Bear or Cloudie, as known by family members, is a relaxed and calming bear. Cloudie can often be found lying on fluffy clouds gazing up at the sky and imagining cute shapes among the clouds.

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Zen the Puppy

Zen has a sweet and energetic spirit. Zen enjoys chasing butterflies and receiving pets from each family member. Zen can often be found rolling on the grass and looking out for tasty treats left hidden by Mocha Bear.

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Piggy & Little Piggy

Piggy and Little Piggy make the perfect pair. They bond well with Vala, enjoying eating and napping together. They can often be found sharing their favorite snack, watermelons.

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More family member bios coming soon!