Zen the Puppy and the Falling Leaves

One warm, breezy afternoon, Zen the Puppy was taking a walk under the treetop canopy in Sleepy-time Forest when he noticed a large, red leaf on his back. Zen shook the leaf off his back and continued his walk. The trees were dancing and swaying from the wind, cascading down from the tall trees. A few more steps along, Zen noticed another leaf, and another, falling as he walked, his furry, golden paws a shiny shade in the sun that matched the yellow leaves. Zen was soon playing in the bunches of brown and red leaves on the ground, and catching those that were still mid-fall. Spinning in circles and jumping about, Zen was having so much fun that he wondered how this part of the Honey Leaf Forest could be called Sleepy-time Forest after all. As he happily walked back to Golden Bear and the family members, watching as more leaves danced in the sky, Zen realized that the perfect name for this time of year was to be called “fall.”
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