Meeting Pepper the Turtle - Part 2

Pepper the Turtle enjoyed meeting the other family members and sharing his adventures of the sea. Golden Bear imagined the sea to be a jar of honey, except a little less sticky.

Mocha Bear understood that Pepper was just like salmon, except he swam a little deeper underwater and wasn’t yummy food like salmon was to him.

Blue the Owl was happy to hear the stories and was surprised at the different types of plants underwater which she hadn't heard of.

Pepper explained that he remembered one time while he was nibbling on leaves from the sea floor, he saw a large whale, the size of what seemed like the whole ocean! For there was nothing as large as a whale, Pepper explained. Golden said that his love for Vala Koala was bigger than even the whale.

Pepper enjoyed the company of each family member and began to form a special bond with Snookie the Puppy, perhaps because Snookie was similar in their small size. Pepper was, afterall, the smallest family member, although he came from the biggest of adventures.

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