Meeting Pepper the Turtle - Part 1

Small footprints were spotted leaving the water's edge. Ripples of waves began to cover over the tiny footprints in the soft warm sand. Looking from above the treetop canopy, a small, blue koala paused her munching, mid leaf to observe the grassy bank below. Vala Koala spotted a small green leaf approaching her tree. Is that a moving leaf? Vala thought to herself.

Determined to find out, Vala began to descend and climbed down branch by branch, leaf in hand, until she realized the green leaf on the sand was no leaf at all. To her surprise, she realized she was looking at a cute turtle, even smaller than her, with big eyes and a cute smile with a lush green colored shell. The shell was colored just like some of those thick leaves she tried eating once called peppers...(Continues in Part 2)

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