Honey & Leaf Ceremony

One of Golden's favorite activities is to set up a day to host Honey Ceremony in Tranquil Garden, a cozy, bamboo floored room for relaxation surrounded by lush green trees and water streams. Tranquil Garden is in a shady spot covered under big trees for everyone to unwind in.

Golden would invite the family members as his guests to serve fresh honey and just picked fruits and berries. The family members would watch intently as Golden prepares honey in their favorite wooden bowls while they enjoy seasonal fruits picked from that day. On one day, Cloud Bear said, "This honey tea tastes like a soft pillowy cloud warmed from the sun on a chilly day." Vala often had a flower behind her ear, given by Golden before the guests arrived. Her favorites are the yellow eucalyptus flowers because they remind Vala of Golden.

When Vala is the host for the family members, she would use the freshest green leaves and decorate fresh picked fruits with edible flowers as part of the selection. The leafy drink would be melted in hot water and mixed until it is smooth with the same consistency as honey. When members start drinking, they can't help but smile at the perfect match of the sweet fruits and the earthy taste of the tea. The family members would come out of Tranquil Garden feeling content and revitalized for the day.

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