Vala Koala Soothed to Sleep

Golden Bear often soothes Vala Koala when she goes to sleep. Golden pets Vala's round, fluffy head with his bear paws like a soft massage until Vala snuggles deeper into her leafy blanket and holds her leaves closer to her chest as she lets out a soft sigh.

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Golden loves to surprise Vala with a cute golden flower and lots of fresh leaves, some for decoration and some for Vala to nibble on. When t

Although the family members' diet varies from bear to koala and everyone in between, everyone loves a juicy, cold watermelon on hot summer days and golden berries to share. Golden is often seen carry

Golden loves to take a dip in the lake with Vala especially on warmer days, bathing in the sun on a floating leaf, his golden fur shining in