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Golden Bear and Vala Koala live in harmony in Honey Leaf Forest with the family members where they play together, gather food, and have fun every day. The family members' world and stories inspire my greeting cards, creating paper gifts for your loved ones from a world full of stories. Join as a member and support their world and learn more about the characters' adventures here.

By becoming a rewards patron, you are supporting my creative process and will receive exclusive content and have the chance to learn more about the characters and my art inspirations.
I am always grateful with all of my heart for your support to continue what I love to do and have always dreamt of doing. 


  • Golden's Honey Drop

    Every month
    Fill the bear members' honey jars with honey and love✨
    • 🌱 Early access to new releases and shop updates
    • 🌱 Monthly newsletter
    • 🌱 Exclusive stories about Golden & Vala's Adventures
    • 🌱 Behind the scene concepts and inspirations
  • Vala's Tasty Leaves

    Every month
    Provide the freshest and tastiest leaves for Vala Koala✨
    • 🌱 Everything in Golden's Honey Drop Rewards
    • 🌱 Sneak peeks of works in progress
    • 🌱 5% shop discount
  • Honey & Leaf Bundle

    Every month
    The best honey, leaves, & berries for the family to share✨
    • 🌱 Everything in Golden's Honey Drop Rewards
    • 🌱 Sneak peeks of works in progress
    • 🌱 10% shop discount
    • 🌱 Monthly sticker and card or postcard shipped to you
    • 🌱 International members welcome

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