About Me

Welcome to Sixtyeightcolors!

Home to illustrated greeting cards, photography prints and more. I hand paint/design, pack and ship each order personally with the greatest care, using only high quality paper and materials. Everything is made in the US.


My Art 

I express love and heartfelt sentiments through the use of colorful tones and cute recurring, imaginative characters from nature and my own daily life. I have always loved both making and receiving handmade gifts growing up, especially cards and illustrations given to my loved ones. I find that greeting cards help convey our most heartfelt sentiments and that brings meaning to my art in sharing it with the world. 

Having moved around in different countries growing up, my experiences have enabled me to bring a unique cultural background into my art. I take inspiration from my daily life now in sunny California, my love of travel and my family background from Taiwan to bring in fun and joyful elements in hopes of sparking nostalgic or happy memories that speak to others. I have always enjoyed immersing myself in stories that bring us into different worlds. 


My photography is inspired by nature from travels and people and their stories. By shooting with film, it compels me to see the world through thoughtful reflections and practiced patience, a reminder to stay in the present and see what is in front of me without losing sight of what is felt. To me, photography is about embracing people and experiences without distractions. It is about treasuring moment to moment encounters in our lives. I am here to capture your story, whether that is yourself or your brand, I help to express your own unique story and characteristics. My roots in art started in fine arts ever since I can remember and for many years photography was my main focus until I discovered a way to encompass both passions into my brand that it is now.


Why "Sixtyeightcolors"?

“Sixtyeight” has been a number that relates to my first home in Canada and has a special place in my heart. Coincidentally, six and eight are also considered lucky numbers in Taiwan.

“Colors” bring art into life by encompassing different shades of tones and the depths in light and shadow that are seen in different forms of art. This ties in the different kinds of arts that I love into my brand name, Sixtyeightcolors.


I hope you find something that speaks to you through my art for yourself and your loved ones.



Fun Facts:

• I speak English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Japanese 

• I practice Chanoyu, Japanese Tea Ceremony

• Watermelon is my favorite fruit

• Based in Orange County, CA